Frozen Party Finger Food

finger food

Our frozen finger food range is all ovenable to make meal preparation for your event a breeze!
All products are in large Food service 1kg or greater packs to cater for large groups at a low price.

The range includes but is not limited to;

  • Steggles Chicken Dinosnacks 1kg 
  • Steggles Tempura Breast Nuggets 1kg 
  • Steggles Tempura Breast Pops 1kg 
  • Chickadee Sweet Chilli Tenders 1kg
  • Steggles Baiada Chicken Wedges 1kg 
  • Breaded Prawn Cutlets 1kg 
  • Ocean Wide Squid Rings 1kg
  • Chiko Garlic Chicken Balls 1kg 
  • Steggles Chicken Goujons 1kg
  • Ingham's Chicken Munchies 1kg
  • Mrs. Mac's 12 Pack Party Pies 
  • Mrs. Mac's 12 Pack Mini Quiche 
  • Patties 18 Pack Mini Pizzas
  • Colonial Farm Cocktail Spring Rolls 54 pieces 
  • Hakka Dim Sim's 1kg 
  • Pacific West Salt & Pepper Squid 1kg
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